1. All activities at the Club are considered private. No information regarding any function held at the Club shall be released to the media. In the event members of the media are guests, their host should advise them that Club activities might not be reported.
2. Photographs may be taken solely for the use of the Club or the personal use of the members of the group photographed. Photographs may not be used for a non-Club publication without the prior approval of Club Management.
3. Members and guests shall not send employees on errands outside of the Club House.
4. No demonstrations shall be held in the club, nor shall any meeting arranged or attended by any person for the purpose of advancing cause of any political candidate or party.
5. No animals or pets are allowed in the club.
6. The Club shall not be liable to any member or any person for any loss of and/or damage to property (including automobiles) or for personal injury or death suffered on premises owned or leased by the club. Accordingly, the club is released from any liability thereof.
7. The names, address and telephone numbers of the members and/or prospective members shall not be used for other than Club purposes. It is a member’s responsibility to notify the office of any change in their address or phone number.